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The arrival of Charge d'Affaires of Kingdom of Finland

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After travelling many months in Central Europe and Italian peninsula Juuso F. Käpäläinen saw in the horizon coast of Venice after navigating through achipelagos of Adriatic Sea.
In the harbor he was briefly checked by guards bu they foung hm along with his travel partners to be harmless.
"Maybe you gentlemen could help me. I am Juuso Fransiskus Käpäläinen from Kingdom of Finland. Who could I contact here as I have travelled around for the possibility to establish Embassy on Italian peninsula."


Here is my accreditation signed ans sealed by Bartram von dem Winter, chansellor of Finland and sealed by King Johannes I

    To Whom It May Concern

    This Letter is to Confirm that  Sincere and Learned citizen of Finland Juuso F. Käpäläinen or   Jumalankasi  has been appointed as Chargé d'affaires at Large representing the Royal Embassy of Finland  negotiating Mainly but not Only, in the Sphere of Italian Peninsula in Issues and Duties granted to him by my Office as Chancellor of Finland.

    Signing in the Royal Embassy of Finland A. D. 1463  February the Fourth  Bartram von dem Winter, Chancellor

Bartram von dem Winter,



The great Chamberlain was informed about the arrival of the illustrious ambassador of Finland so he came to welcome him.

Good morning Ambassador ! it is a pleasure to have you here among us! HERE your office so we could talk about our countries...

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