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Arrival of the Ambassador of the German Kingdom

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Daalin was finally able to visit Venice, time was nowadays a expensive gift.
She took some small steps to the nearest guard.
Would you please announce my arrival to the right person? “, she asked one of the guards.
I will wait...“, not that she run away or something like that.
She nearly forgot. „Well, you might want to know my name and my destination.
Daalin von Massenberg, ambassador of the German Kingdom, area for responsibility is the Serene Republic of Venice.
And I’m apparently visiting Venice.

A small smile was set on her face, a small joke was never wrong and she began to wait.


The Great Chamberlain of the Serene Republic of Venice (the Minister for the Foreign Affairs in Venice) was claimed to receive the new guest from the German Kingdom... so he arrived...

Welcome Lady Edle Daalin von Massenberg, we are very happy to receive a so illustrious guest from the lands of Germany .

I'm Jacopo Foscari Carcarodon, the Great Chamberlain of the Serene Republic of Venice, Viscount of Oderzo and Lord of San Giacomo...

He told to the guest

In the meanwhile we are preparing your rooms could you show to us your diplomatic documents with the seals of the kingdom please ? told to him looking at with a diplomatic smile the lady in front of him


"Jacopo Foscari Carcarodon, it´s my pleasure to meet you."
After an respectful bow with the head, she gave him a Letter, the proof that she is the ambassador of the german kingdome.
"I hope, everything is for your Satisfaction."
The warm and friendly smile never left her face while she waited for the respond.


The great Chamberlain received the letter of presentation, read it and with a warm smile asked the guest to follow him...

Kind Ambassadress, we have prepared , your offices, I show you the way so we could talk about our countries...


Again Daalin bowed her head in respect and followed.

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