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Arrival of the Drome Logothetes of the Hellenic Duchy of Macedonia

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Selen entered the amazing Palace was mesmerized by its beauty. What a wonderful Palace.
Glad she made the effort to travel so far to meet old friends of the Hellenic Duchy.

She announced her name to the guard.Please inform his excellency that Selen , Sophia Comneno Metaxa, the Hellenic Great Chamberlain has arrived


The Great Chamberlain of  Venice (the Minister for the Foreign Affairs in Venice) was claimed to receive the new guest from the Hellenic Duchy... so he arrived...

Welcome Lady Selen, we are very happy to receive a so illustrious guest from the lands of Greece.

I'm Jacopo Foscari Carcarodon, the Great Chamberlain of the Serene Republic of Venice, Viscount of Oderzo and Lord of San Giacomo...

He told to the guest

Kind Minister we have prepared , your rooms, I show you the way so we could talk about our countries...

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