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From England to Venice

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1 From England to Venice il Mar Gen 12, 2016 6:25 am


Venice, finally.

After a long journey, the blonde Vice-Chancellor had arrived to Venice from the distant lands of England. Her blue eyes were completely astonished by the opulence of the city, the strange clothings of its inhabitants and the unusual light reflected in the waters of the lagoon.  

The gondola stopped at a little dock built in sumptuous palazzo, suposedly the Great Palazzo Ducale, and the young diplomat, helped by the gondolier, stepped out to cross a strange door guarded by the soldiers of La Serenissima. Once inside, she approached to somenone who seemed to be a public servant to announce her arrival.

Milord, I'm Beatriz de Winter-Dorchester, vice-Chancellor of England. Messere Sean de Frundsberg, venetian ambassador to the English Crown, invited me to visit Venice and the Great Palazzo Ducale, can you announce me, please?

Then she stepped back to wait for his reply.

2 Re: From England to Venice il Sab Mar 12, 2016 12:55 am


Good morning!
Sean said, smiling and approaching walking with open arms
I am very happy to welcome you in our institutional palace
Now we await the arrival of the head of diplomacy

3 Re: From England to Venice il Dom Mar 13, 2016 1:08 am


"Sean! My good friend, so nice to see you here!"

Beatriz approached to hug him, feeling herself so glad to see a friend face to welcome her in such distant country.

"I've brought my credentials with me, for your records" - she handed a document to Messere Sean:

Beatriz's credentials:

Richy. ha scritto:

By the writing of this letter, I, Lord Richard Dorchester, Chancellor of the Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of England, do hereby appoint Her Excellency, Lady Beatriz Eleonor de Castro-Dorchester i Rubià, Baroness of Alderney, as Vice Chancellor of Foreign Affairs. This appointment gives her the authority to guide and instruct the ambassadorial staff and with the daily operations of the Royal Embassy, communicate and work with the leadership and diplomatic representatives of the national institutions of England, and to represent England in the international community.

This letter also grants the Vice-Chancellor, in the case of the absence of an ambassador and with the blessing of the Chancellor, with the full authority to exchange information of a public nature, to represent the Kingdom of England in routine communications between England and foreign territories, and to build and maintain a friendly and prosperous relationship between England and said territories.

Signed by my hand, this 10th day of May, 1463,

Richard Dorchester
Chancellor of the Royal Embassy

So, we have to wait for a bit, no problem - she smiled pleasantly - But tell me, how's Oriente? I'd love to meet her some day, if possible.

4 Re: From England to Venice il Lun Mar 14, 2016 12:18 am


You will meet Oriente soon. Now we have to wait our Chamberlain, Mr. Foscari.

5 Re: From England to Venice il Lun Mar 14, 2016 1:10 am


The Great Chamberlain of  Venice (the Minister for the Foreign Affairs in Venice) was claimed to receive the new guest from the Kingdom of England ... so he arrived...

Welcome  Lady Beatriz Eleonor de Castro-Dorchester i Rubià, Baroness of Alderney, we are very happy to receive a so illustrious guest from the lands of England

I'm Jacopo Foscari Carcarodon, the Great Chamberlain of the Serene Republic of Venice, Count of Oderzo ...

He told to the guest

Kind Vice Chancellor, we have prepared , your rooms, I show you the way so we could talk about our countries...

6 Re: From England to Venice il Dom Mar 27, 2016 11:28 pm


Beatriz curtsied as a gentle greeting to the Great Chamberlain of Venice and smiled to the venetian diplomats.

- Delighted to make your acquaintance, Your Excellency. Please, call me Lady Beatriz or just Beatriz, it sounds much more easier - she looked at him with curiosity, her intense blue eyes fixed on him - I can say it's not the first time i hear your name, messere Jacopo... Althought that's another history, for now please if you are so kind of leading me to my office, i'll be grateful. I'm affraid i'll get lost quite easily in this impressive building.

And curtsying again, she followed the diplomats to the inner office of England.

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