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Arrival of Xhemi Shpata, Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs

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The Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, traveled all the way from Albania with his carrack, to have a meeting with Venice Authorities reguarding the relation improvement between the two countries. Entered inside the Castle and waited to attend the meeting with them as he enjoyed the beautiful view inside the Castle


The doge in person, noticed Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and greated him. She presented her self and asked a servant to bring some wine and told him that she was going to order a private room for the meeting.


The Great Chamberlain of Venice (the Minister for the Foreign Affairs in Venice) was claimed to receive the new guest from the Kingdom of Albania close to the Doge of the Republic... so he arrived...

Welcome Sir Xhemi Shpata, we are very happy to receive a so illustrious guest from the lands of Albania

I'm Jacopo Foscari Carcarodon, the Great Chamberlain of the Serene Republic of Venice, Viscount of Oderzo and Lord of San Giacomo...

He told to the guest

Kind Minister we have prepared , your rooms, I show you the way so we could talk about our countries...


The Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, noticed the Doge of Venezia coming towards him, he greeted and thank her for the kind welcome,as she ordered some wine and prepared to talk in another room.

Meanwhile he saw The Great Chamberlain of Venice coming towards him and presenting himself and showing the way to the room where they would talk.

Thank you for the Kind Welcome Dear Doge and Chamberlain. It's very nice to be here in your beautiful country and I am ready to go to the other room to talk about our countries

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