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Arrival of England's Senior Ambassador

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1 Arrival of England's Senior Ambassador il Mer Set 12, 2018 7:07 pm


Mel's journey to Venezia took longer than she expected initially. She was supposed to arrive yesterday evening, however there was some trouble with the carriage so instead she continued her travel on horseback.

When she finally arrived in Venezia, Mel immediately took a room at an Inn and after making herself presentable she went to the Embassy.

Following the Chancellors explanations, Mel had no trouble in finding the right palazzo. Once there, she climbed the stairs to the entrance and greeted the guards stationed outside. "Buon giorno", she greeted the closest one. "I am Melpomena Erdödy, England's Ambassador for the Italian Region", she added quickly and showed her credentials.

By the writing of this letter, I, Lady Eponine Llewellynn, Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of England, do hereby appoint Her Excellency Melpomena Erdödy as Senior Ambassadorial Liaison to the Italian Region . This appointment gives her the authority to communicate and work with the leadership and diplomatic representatives of the states of the Italian Region.

This letter also grants Ambassador Melpomena with the full authority to exchange information of a public nature, to represent the Kingdom of England in routine communications between our lands, and to build and maintain a friendly and prosperous relationship between the states of the Italian Region and England.

Written, signed and sealed by my own hand this 23rd day of March 1466, in London, England,

Eponine Llewellynn
Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of England

After the guards completed all the necessary checks, she was granted entrance to the interiors. Smiling to the guards as she left, Mel entered inside and waited.

2 Re: Arrival of England's Senior Ambassador il Mer Set 12, 2018 9:23 pm


Good morning Ambassadress!

Welcome, this is the wayto your rooms

3 Re: Arrival of England's Senior Ambassador il Lun Set 17, 2018 7:46 am


Melpomena smiles seeing and hearing the Venetian Chancellor. "Your Excellency, thank You! Mel said and followed Lord Foscari as the gentleman showed her the way to England's office.

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